Truths of The Bloody Prison / Ebook , Adnan shafi

Title:Truths of The Bloody Prison
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Page Count:38
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About Book: 

The book titled, " Truths of The Bloody Prison " is about Religion, respect, martyrs of Kashmir, deaths, shamefulness, truth, liars, astuteness, belief, and so forth. 
A motivating and stimulating book woven in esoteric words that essentially portrays Kashmir, Islam, and the candor of the author within the gorge. Furthermore, it deals with all the pain and losses that we humans go through on an almost daily basis.

Author: Adnan shafi 

Cover & Designer: Jot Chahal 

e-Publisher: Rana Books India

About Author: 

Adnan Shafi, (24) was born and brought up in a middle class educated Bhat family, which belongs to Chandrigam in Tral area of Kashmir valley. He is a poet, writer, columnist, translator, short story writer, reviewer, blogger, motivational speaker, ghazal-writer, and editor.
He is the Coauthor of more than 50 National and international anthologies. He is the Author at DESTINY POETS UK, Editor of the book published from Pak " INKED GEMS".His biography came up in many magazines and books. He has contributed his poetry, Ghazals, and short stories to more than 200 National and international magazines /journals. Furthermore, he contributes his articles to National and international newspapers.
Currently, He is working as an acquiring editor for British Magazine (Writerly )and the USA magazine (ILA). He has been internationally published and won poetry awards from numerous publications. In 2020 , he was been awarded by Gujurat sahitya academic for his book and poetry skills . His poetry book namely "TEARS FALL IN MY HEART' depicts sorrows and vicissitudes of life.In 2021 , he was awarded Shakespeare Medal for his literary merit ,writing quality, uniqueness, and creativity, and in the same month of April 2021, he was also awarded "Best achiever award" in the field of English literature as the title 'Best English poet.'

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Book Registration Certificate ID: ZD4NW0-CE000009