Rana Books India Publishing Services

 and Book Distribution Agreement

This Service Agreement is made between YOU, the registered user on [referred to as “You” or the ‘Author’] and Rana Books India a company registered with Govt of INDIA Project known as UDYAM and its registration no: UDYAM-PB-13-0001540 , Address: RANA BOOKS VPO RALLA, MANSA,PUNJAB, India – 151510 [referred to as “RANA BOOKS INDIA”]. This agreement will come into force only on the date that you or someone on behalf of the author publishes their book with Rana Books India or makes the first payment towards purchases of publishing services from RANA BOOKS, whichever comes first [referred to as ‘Effective Date’].

Since You have written a book or your Work that you would like to be published and Rana Books India offers top notch self-publishing services; You, would like to engage the services of Rana Books .

In consideration of the mutual promises set forth in this Agreement, the both parties agree as follows:

A. Rana Books India Services

Rana Books India offers you two different sets of services under this Agreement:

Publication Services – There are several packages and corresponding services offered by Rana Books India at their website [] for editing, design, ISBN and copyright, printing and creation of eBooks and marketing which you can select from based on your requirement.

Book Distribution– Once you have selected from the Publication Packages and your Work has been published either in print or digitally, you have engaged Rana Books India for the distribution of your Work.

You can choose one or both services at any time during this Agreement.

Grant of License and Intellectual Property

For you to engage Rana Books India for both their Publication and Distribution Services you must grant Rana Books India [restricted to the rights you are granting], non-exclusive [you can grant the license to other publishers] world-wide license to print, publish, distribute and sell your Work.

All Intellectual Property rights in the Work, which include copyright, and all the associated rights under the law of Copyright remain exclusively with you. Rana Books India does not claim or own any of your Intellectual Property rights.

The licenses granted will depend on the services you have engaged Rana Books India for based on your selection made by you while publishing your book.

B. Payment:

In consideration for the Publication Services, you or someone on behalf of the author will pay Rana Books India the Package Fee as per the package of services that you have selected. Rana Books India will commence work on the Publication Services only upon receipt of the Package Fee.

In consideration for Book Distribution, Rana Books India will not pay you the Royalty Fee which is mentioned in detail in Schedule A

C. Authors Rights and Duties

Initial Obligations – You shall provide Rana Books India with all the required information in the appropriate format and any Fee owed to Rana Books India is paid in full.

Rights - You retain all rights to the work. While Rana Books India may edit [if you have selected editing service in the Publication Service] the content, all rights in the content will remain with You.

ISBN- While you grant us a non-exclusive license on the content, you cannot use the ISBN and format of the work provided by Rana Books India anywhere else.


1. Royalties

A. Royalties

On all sales by Rana Books India of paperback,ebook,audio book  or hardcover formats of the full work, Rana Books India will not  pay you any kind royalty if you selected free pack for publishing ( its all clear in this agreement)

2. Rights For distribution

Rana Books India have all rights to sale your content anywhere (once you agree this form)  you will also not able to re-publish content once you worked with us.

3. ISBN Fees

Rana Books India also take a charges of isbn fees also (if you want govt of india isbn) because Rana Books Services charges you should pay upto 5k INR (max)


Once you agreement with us . you don’t have any right on your content (but your name will be always mentioned on your content with 100% safe rights which we provide)

5. I Accepted Following links  T&C also (If it changed in future)


Terms & Conditions

It can take up to 7-15 business days for the book to be reviewed. I confirm that I agree to and I am in compliance with the Rana Books India Agreement


I confirm that:

The WORK is not defamatory, slanderous, libellous, or in any other way illegal; and any recipes, formulae, instructions, or recommendations contained in the WORK are not and will not be harmful or injurious to any reader, user or any third person, or may otherwise cause such person illness or injury or damage to property

The WORK does not contain any illegal, unlawful, or objectionable material including, but not limited to, pornography, obscenity, or hate speech, is not plagiarized, does not include falsely attributed statements of third parties, and is not in breach of official secrets acts or laws of any jurisdiction and that all statements in the WORK purporting to be facts are true.

I own the rights to the content and do not infringe on anyone’s copyright. I completely and wholly accept full responsibility for the content of the WORK.