Easy IELTS Academic Writing / New IELTS Writing Task-1 /Paperback Book


Title:Easy IELTS Academic Writing
Product ID:138960-1350905-NA-NED-T0-ESTH-REG-IND-DIY-100621-0
Book Size:8.5/11
Page Count:58
Certificate ID: ZD4NW0-CE000010

About Book :
Easy IELTS Academic Writing TASK-1 has been written for both learner and more progressive students of IELTS and offers an ideal way to prepare more thoroughly for the IELTS test. In this book, students will get many Task 1 samples like Diagrams include: bar charts, line charts, pie charts, tables, processes, cycles, flow charts, objects and maps. student will be able to achieve good bands in IELTS. This book has been created after obtaining information by many means. The Writer has no personal rights over this book.

Book Certificate ID: ZD4NW0-CE000010