Progressive Visual Basic 6 Guide (Ebook, Education, Ranjot Singh Chahal)



Visual Basic 8 is one of the clear to learn computer programming language.

Yes, it is obsolete but all MS Office products include VBA (Visual Basic for Application) and if you learn VB you will know VBA! Our main aim in writing this book is to write the most advanced book yet available" on Microsoft Visual Basic.In this book we will cover the following content :

• Introduction to Visual Basic 6

• Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Basic 

• Getting Started with Visual Studio

• Resetting the Default IDE Layout

• Decision Structures (Visual Basic)

• Loop Structures 

• Introduction to Arrays

• Types of Procedures

• General Procedures 

• Creating Menus for Your Applications

• The code for simple calculator

Author: Ranjot Singh Chahal 

EBook Publisher: Rana Books India

Paperback Publisher : NotionPress