Exquisite Stress Management (Ebook, Ranjot Singh Chahal)

Exquisite Stress Management

About book: 
Exquisite Stress Management

Stress won't disappear by itself with time if we do not take action: it will most likely worsen.
For this reason, it is vital to understand what leads to stress and how to manage it.

By reading this book, you will learn:

* Introduction
* Stress: What is it?
* Sources of Stress
* Types of Stressors
* Internal Sources of Stress and Anxiety
* Cognitive Aspects of Stress and Anxiety
* Anxious Thoughts
* Signs and Symptoms of Stress Overload
* Effects of Stress
* 50 Common Signs and Symptoms of Stress
* Diagram of the Effects of Stress on the Body
* Questions to Consider When Assessing for Stress
* The Stress Response
* The Relaxation Response
* Stress Relieving Techniques
* Mindfulness
* How to do a Mindfulness Exercise
* 10 Simple Ways to Practice Mindfulness Each Day
* Relaxation in a Hurry
* Relaxing Your Body at Work
* Exercises
* Progressive Muscle Relaxation
* Deep Breathing
* Guided Imagery
* Self Massage and Self Massage Techniques
* Thought Stopping Techniques
* List of 38 Stress Busters

...and much more....

Remember that stress has extremely negative effects both on your mental and physical health. It can worsen your performance and prevent you from achieving your goals at work but also in your relational life.