Easy English Guide: Use in Daily Routine (Ebook , Ranjot Singh Chahal)


Easy English Guide is not just a book but a new way of life through which we learn the English language used in daily life. This book is going to give you a lot of knowledge. This book has been written by help of many writers. The purpose of this book is only to give you complete knowledge of English language.


Ranjot Singh Chahal is also known as the name Jot Chahal. He belongs to Mansa district of Punjab. He wrote many books which are recently published.His books contains many poetry and quotes which reflects his thoughts .He Belongs to Sikh family. Ranjot Singh publish most of his books in Punjabi, English and Hindi .As we know a writer is known by his thoughts which he writes on the paper. Ranjot Singh is a good writer as well as a good person.