Secrets behind my magical smile

"The story behind my magical smile" is the self discovering of one's shades of life. To let go the pain and live for your own smile, which makes your bond of heart and soul strong to take the decisions happily in your own world. The peace I and someone find in some hard situations is that your are your own my friend and it begins only when you are the only reason to make your heart smile. Life is a race where you have he will the your own roads ,no one is to show you give you a signal you just need to pray. way . Some must have their one friend who don't give a reason to smile but be the reason of that smile I have too whenever she met me and i meet her.
ISBN: 9781648280146
Writer Name : Naina
Designer & Editor : Ranjot Singh
Publisher : Rana Books India


 "The secrets behind my magical smile "is written by Naina who have different shades of life still make herself strong and happy in any situations , who have guts to ignore the pain and a newly decisions to make herself strong for a new day but never forget to smile with a thought that "Everyone is busy to find pain in their life's but don't have time to find their happy moments from busy schedules that can make themselves strong to forget the definition of pain in life". She says life goes on like a race but it teaches a new lessons as you face. She have her priority who is like a peaceful part of her little world that peace she called s "Naivi" that friendship or peace never ends in any situation as they always meant by true friends

Designer and Editor 
Ranjot Singh is also known by the name Jot Chahal. He belongs to Mansa district of Punjab. He wrote many books which are recently published.His books contains many poetry and quotes which reflects his thoughts .He Belongs to Sikh family. Ranjot Singh is a good writer as well as a good person. Ranjot Singh publish most of his books in Punjabi, English and Hindi .As we know a writer is known by his thoughts which he writes on the paper.